Cattleya – White Swimsuit ver. 2 – Queen’s Blade – 1/5 – Pre-Painted Figure

Japan in a Continue reading

Wendy Marvell – Swimsuit ver. – Fairy Tail – 1/8 Pre-Painted Figure

Another lady from Fairy Continue reading

Sonico – Nitro Super Sonic – Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine – 1/6 Pre-Painted Figure

New Sonico on the Continue reading

Melty de Granite – Sorbet – Swimsuit ver. – Shining Hearts – 1/7 Pre-Painted Figure

A lovely Melty in Continue reading

Alleyne Swimsuit ver. – Queen’s Blade – 1/6 Pre-Painted Figure

She’s so simple, yet so Continue reading

Erza Scarlet Chained Ver. – Fairy Tail – 1/8 Pre-Painted Figure

A little late to the party but Continue reading

Misaka Mikoto DX Swimsuit ver. – To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 1/6 Pre-Painted Figure

Kotobukiya prepared for us yet another Misaka Continue reading

Saber Alter Swimsuit ver. – Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 1/6 Pre-Painted Figure

One can never have too many Sabers. Continue reading

KOS-MOS Swimsuit Version – Xenosaga 3 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (Re-run)

Take Kos-Mos to the beaches. Continue reading

Super Sonico Swim Wear Gravure White Ver. – Nitro Super Sonic Sky Tube 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Nitro Plus’s super idol Sonico is appearing as a Gravia Idol. Continue reading

Kuroyukihime – Beach Queens – Accel World Swimsuit ver. Pre-Painted Figure

No matter which school you have attended, there is always this girl Continue reading

Saber Lily – Beach Queens – Fate/unlimited codes Pre-painted Figure

Saber Lily sheds her battle dress and put on her bikini. Continue reading

Makise Kurisu Special Ver. – Beach Queens – Steins;Gate 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Take a break from gadget inventions to join the Stein Gate girls at the beach. Continue reading

Teana Lanster – Beach Queens – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S 1/10 Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Teana Lanster - Beach Queens - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S
Teana Lanster joins her team mates Nanoha and Fate at the beach. Continue reading

Ayanami Rei School Swimsuit ver. – Neon Genesis Evangelion Non Scale Pre-Painted Premium Figure

Ayanami Rei School Swimsuit ver. - Neon Genesis Evangelion
The summer is almost here so is Ayanami Rei in her school swimsuit. Continue reading