Review: Durarara!! – Celty Sturluson – Alter 1/8 Figure

Today’s review is Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! (or DRRR for short). Just a forewarning that this is gonna sound a bit biased since Celty is my favorite character in the show! This will be my first time reviewing a full on scaled figure, so please go easy on me! ^^;. The pictures are taken from on top my bed since I’m home for summer vacation, sorry for lack of a better background! Enough with the whining and excuses! on with the show!

The box:

The box motif is yellow and black, and gives off that caution tape look. This matches Izaya’s box design.
Looks like her helmet came loose during transit! It’s not broken, and didn’t cause any paint to transfer, dont worry.

One side of the box has a green moon! I’d prefer if they did red, but I guess this matches the box colors better.

The back of the box shows that Celty can be displayed with her black shadows coming out of her neck instead of her head, and has a window that clearly shows Celty from the back.

These are the parts she comes with all unpacked

The base is a clear yellow with black shadows and says DRRR. I think it fits Celty extremely well. Though a motorcycle base would have been BEYOND awesome.

Omgz Alter. You are amazing. This is the little phone she holds next to a penny for size comparison. IT’S TEENY!

Back of the phone is no exception in quality. The dents are perfect and not a single black line out of place

A closer look at the phone. LOOK AT THE PERFECT DETAILS. LOOK AT THEM. And not a single black line out of place. Alter lives up to their name as one of the best companies out there.

*A* the scythe. This picture does not do it justice. It looks like real sharpened metal in person!! It is made of a soft-ish plastic, so it won’t snap in your hand.

Celty all assembled in all her majestic-ness. Her helmet fits snuggly, but not tightly, which is probably why it got knocked off during shipping. No harm done this time, so I’ll let it go.

Up close on the helmet face. It doesn’t show that well in the pictures, but the helmet is indeed empty. And again, not a single drop of paint out of line. And no seam lines to speak of either. My camera insisted on being weird so the blue looks a lot lighter than it actually is. In person, the blue is darker.

Obligatory cleavage shot but seriously, even that little bit of skin is perfectly painted with all necessary shading and depth. And dat collarbone is real nice~. Also, most companies can’t really do zippers correctly, but as you can see, her zipper is perfect~

Again. DAT SCYTHE >..>;;;
and her shoes and pant legs are realistically portrayed with all the necessary wrinkles. She also fits snugly and tightly on her base but not too tightly so no fear of breaking her while jamming it in. Just right.

Magnificent profile view. All the wrinkles in her jump suit look so realistic. And the shininess really gives off the leather/pleather look just right.
Celty doesn’t have the biggest chest, but she is a very well proportioned lady nonetheless.

ahem, can someone say “DAT ASS”?? Though Celty is by no means a fanservice character, she has a very well defined hip and butt that shows nicely through the tight leather material. Exactly how I’d imagine a real person would look in a suit like this….not that I’m imagining anyone’s butt or anything….>.>;;;

Her gloved hand holding the scythe is well sculpted. The scythe slides in snugly as well. Though both are black, so paint transfer isn’t an issue in the first place, I dont see any danger of scratching the paint off the scythe or hand.

Celty looks to her phone for job messages. The phone fits perfectly into her hand. No fear of breaking it or paint transfer. The phone can actually be pushed lower down into her grip too, but that would be awkward looking.

Lastly, Celty can be displayed without her helmet “hiding her beautiful face” as Shinra put it in the show. Her optional part comes with a trail of shadowy smoke that replaces her helmet! Very true to the show.

Close up of the smoke. If you display her like this, you an have a better view of her lovely neck and collarbone!

Top view. Equally as sexy and awesome

A comparison shot with Izaya from the same line for the last picture. Although they are both the same height in person, Celty’s box is a bit bigger in both height and width to accommodate her bigger base and taller scythe.

Overall, more than satisfied with her! I was afraid her lack of colors would look bland on my shelf, but that is not the case at all. I knew that Alter does some AMAZING work, so even with high expectations, they were met spot on and more. If I had to mention one complaint, it would be that the pegs for her helmet and smoke were a bit on the short and small side, so they are not the most secure things. But as long as she’s not taking a tumble, Celty’s “head” options will be staying put.

Name: Celty Sturluson (セルティ・ストゥルルソン)
Origin: Durarara!! (デュラララ!!)
Publisher: Alter (アルター)
Released: 2012/07
Reviewer: AnnieAzura
Buy: Play-Asia | Plamoya

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