Review: Kara no Kyoukai – Ryougi Shiki – Good Smile Company 1/6 Figure

A quick review for Ryougi Shiki figure. I got her some time ago, and I think she’s worth a review, so there I go!


First, let’s take a tour!

In matters of sculpting, I think she’s really well done. I like the different effect her coat gives, and the large pleats of her kimono. Her hair could have been more defined, and of course there is this almost unavoidable line on the top of her head, but other than that she’s almost perfect in this aspect to me. They also defined her nails without painting them, that’s a plus to me.

They did a good job showing her feminine form even if she wears that coat and kimono…

So I give the sculpting a generous 9/10.

There are little more problems with the painting. The lines on her coat are not very clear… (I don’t know if my camera could catch that…)

Tho, the zip is well done. The boots are not so bad too…

There could have been more details in her hair too. But there is some nice defining color on her, especially on her butt. Some argue that she would have been better with her eyes colored, but I think it would look wierd, so I prefer her like this. 8/10 for painting.


I must say I’m a fan of this pose. It fits Shiki so much, I just can’t imagine her in a relaxed way… But there ARE issues with this pose. Let’s see…

Oh, she’s cool…

Hm, who is that?

That’s the problem, you have to see her from under. If you are over her, she doesn’t look like much… So she’s for your top shelf, or at least a shelf she’s going to be at eye level. Other than that…

She’s not very expressive, like usual, but she does look determined, while not mean at all. I like her like this, it fits the action pose and the character. 8/10


It’s some kind of grey bricks. Better than the average flat plastic. She’s also completely fixed on it (so considering her kimono and pose, panties shot is impossible. Damn.) Stands solid. 7/10

I don’t recall much of the packaging, it was very standard, large box with windows and images of the figure. It should arrive safely to you. 7/10


I have her for quite some time now, and I still really enjoy her. She’s beautiful and not too expensive, tho she can be harder to find by now. 9/10 to me.

Name: Ryougi Shiki (両儀 式)
Origin: Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界)
Publisher: Good Smile Company (グッドスマイル・カンパニー)
Released: 2006/10
Reviewer: Simakai
Buy: Play-Asia | Plamoya

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