Nakano Azusa and Akiyama Mio – K-ON! Super DX Nekomimi Ver.Plush Dolls

Nakano Azusa and Akiyama Mio - K-ON! Super DX Nekomimi
Mio put on her kitty ears and pressed her hands to her cheek in embarrassment while the black cat Azunyan holds her hands up to do a “meow” posture. The plush dolls display the girls’ unique cuteness down to a pat. Standing at 27 cm, these dolls are perfect for the display shelf, the desk, or in your car. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio (Daiki Version) – K-ON! 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Akiyama Mio (Daiki Version) - K-ON!
Mio is here to do her solo, come grab your tickets. Created by the experienced figure sculptor Hagii Shunji, Daiki’s resin cast was a hit in the Garage Kit Wonder Festival 2010 Summer. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio Alter Ver. – K-ON! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (Re-Run)

Akiyama Mio Alter Ver. - K-ON!
Akiyama Mio is doubtlessly one the most attractive and popular girls in anime land. The figure makers in Alter has invited the teen idol to their studio earlier last year to have her figure made, and here is the fruit of their efforts. All K-On! songs are exciting and happy and Mio is singing a solo for you. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio, Nakano Azusa, Hirasawa Yui ( Clayz Ver.) – K-On! 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures

Akiyama Mio, Nakano Azusa, Hirasawa Yui ( Clayz Ver.) - K-On!
The string instruments along with K-On! girls have come together in Clay Studios. Everything on the figures are done to perfection, from the silvery pegs to the delicate fingers that pluck at the strings. The figure maker Miyagi Takeshi perfectly captures the beat and energy of their songs. Mio and Yui’s hair dance to the rhythm while Azunyan stood upright and basks in the attention of the collectors. Continue reading

Tainaka Ritsu and Akiyama Mio – K-On! Maid Ver. 2 Pre-Painted PVC Figures

What’s a K-ON! maid cafe without all the girls? After Mugi and Yui‘s debut, it’s Ritsu and Mio‘s turn. Ritsu is often the loudest of the group and the leads the band into all sorts of zany activities. Just look at the wide grin, she’s probably having fun dressing up immensely, so head to the cafe and enjoy her service. Continue reading

K-On! Ichiban Kuji Pre-Painted PVC Figures

K-On! Ichiban Kuji
If you’re more keen on assembling your own K-ON! band and your own cheer leading team, get the Chibi-figure sets. The band girls are dressed in costumes designed by Sawa-chan. The mix of fluffy collars, yukata and rock music promises you the unique flavor of K-ON! There’s sweetness, cuteness, and spice. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio, Hirasawa Yui and Mugi – K-ON! Cute-Rate Two Three Non Scale Pre-Painted Doll

K-ON Dolls
Play dress up with these girls and have them interact with each other. You can bend them to all sorts of poses and recreate your favorite anime scenes with them. The package comes with the pleated skirt, the blazer, and the shirt. Small details such as the ribbon tie and socks are included. Each girl wears different types of socks, Mio has black knee high ones, Yui wears tights and Mugi wears white socks, you can Continue reading

Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui K-ON! Plush Dolls (Dancing Ver.)

K-On Plush
Let Yui and Mio sway to the beat. These chibi-fied plush dolls can sit on your shelf or table, with feet dangling and musical instruments in their arms, they are ready to perform you whenever you like. Their bodies are slightly heavier and comes with a cardboard base, so you don’t have to worry about them tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio Max Factory ver. – K-ON! 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Akiyama Mio
This is the materialization of Moe. Mio joined Ritsu at Max Factory and feels her cheeks heating up as she waits for their turn to be released. The Gothic Lolita outfit comes right out of Sawa-chan sensei’s fantasy, the black ruffling skirt makes Mio’s blush even more adorable. Continue reading

Kigurumi After School Tea Time Set – K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted Soft Vinyl PVC Figure

Kigurumi After School Tea Time Set - K-ON!
There are numerous ways to promote a rock band, and the K-ON! girls wouldn’t settle for anything less that all-out cute or funny. They ditched Sawa-chan sensei’s usual frilly costumes and opt for the dopey eyed animal suits, how they managed to match the animals to their personalities is still a mystery. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio Original Costume Version – K-ON! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (Re-run)
Akiyama Mio is not only the first to have her own fan club, she is also the first to dress up in her costume to have her figure made. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio PV Costume Ver. – K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.2
Mio and Mugi, the long haired combo are now dressed and are ready to act out their Banpresto PV. While Ritsu and Yui goes for the energetic and boyish cute, these two girls goes for the more retro, girlish look. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio (Freeing Version) – K-ON! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Mio, in a maid’s dress, doing a “moe moe kyuun!” sequence is one Ritsu and Yui’s fantasies when they designed their costume for their first school festival concert. Mio found the set up too embarrassing, but Continue reading

Akiyama Mio Figma – K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Lyricist and bassist, cool, mature but is a Tsundere, this unique blend of a girl, Akiyama Mio is here in her full action glory. You can relive all your favourite scenes with this figure. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu Set – Nendoroid K-ON! Pre-Painted Figures

Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu Set - Nendoroid K-ON!
Let’s move from the ice cold to the red hot! The K-On! girls are having another show, the first two to come on stage is Mio and Ritsu, the bassist and the drummer. You’ve seen them in their school uniforms, now they are going to live Sawako-chan sensei’s fantasy – as Continue reading