Review: Little Busters! – Noumi Kudryavka – Nendoroid 158 Winter Uniform Ver. Good Smile Company Figure

Today’s review will be: Nendoroid #158 – Kudryavaka Noumi (Little Busters! & Kud Wafter) ~Winter Uniform~

Let’s see the packaging first.

The “default” face given right out of the box is this normal smiling face.

Comparing to her “Summer Uniform” version

If you look from the backside, you almost cannot tell which is which

Her stands is also the same as the previous version

With her hat

The black bow on her hat is different from the previous version. I think GoodSmile is trying to say “Hey, we did some change in the mold. Be happy” LOL

Her cloaks are also the same, one covering her shoulder and the other did not.

If you buy both, you’ll have total of 4 cloaks

You can also display her in cloak-less, there is an extra ribbon in the box too.

The second face given in the box is the “Wa-fu” face

Nothing much to say for this face since I already “worshipped” it since the summer uniform version.

And her comes the hi-light for this box.

Kud-chan in her troubled face. (I can’t find the official art for this face)

Isn’t she cute?
But….that’s not all!
You can increase her cuteness by adding dog ears and tail

For the tail, you have to stick it into her other skirt with a hole

But the hole was too small, so I needed to use a scissor to expand it. Not sure if it’s the same with other boxes too or not.

Then the ears into her hat

The ears, you can use it on summer uniform version, but not the tail.

Of course, unless you don’t mind using her winter skirt with summer shirt.

And that’s not it….
Wait a minute….why is the normal edition has more accessories than the limited edition!?

Her stretching arm with some folds on sleeve.

Which is for using with her holding a Frisbee (given in the box)

And lastly, her beloved Schipperke dog named Belka

Comparing with her Siberian Husky, Strelka, from summer uniform box.

And closing the reviews with more pictures

But the one that will be displayed on my computer table will be her troubled face


Once again, the painting is a bit scratched, barely noticeable unless you look up close.
But I totally love this Nendoroid. Even if I had the summer uniform version, I didn’t regret in buy this winter uniform.

If you are not THAT big fan of Kud-chan, which one should you buy (if you have option)?
I would say this Winter Uniform will be worth your money more. Since they gave you more accessories than in the summer one.

Name: Noumi Kudryavka (能美 クドリャフカ)
Origin: Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!)
Publisher: Good Smile Company (グッドスマイル・カンパニー)
Released: 2011/06
Reviewer: Tenkaminari
Buy: Play-Asia | Plamoya

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