Portgas D Ace (Banpresto Version) – One Piece Super DX Pre-Painted Figure

Portgas D Ace Banpresto
There are enough spotlight on Luffy, it’s time to focus on Ace, the elder brother and fire user. Developed by Banpresto, the figure brings out the confidence of the character through his smirk and his upright posture. Continue reading

Ritsu Tainaka PV Costume Ver. – K-On! Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Sawa-chan sensei is having her field day. Ritsu is dressed in a sunflower yellow body suit that resembles costumes in magical girl shows. Continue reading

Reina – Nendoroid Queens Blade Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Although they are bold and fearless in the anime, never forget that all the participants in the Queen’s blade are some really cute girls, and the first to max out her sweet prettiness is the female warrior Leina. Featuring in posters and cups, she is arguably the most popular girl in the game. Continue reading

Al Azif (Beat Version) – Demon Bane 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Al Azif – the strongest demon book and cutest lolita girl in Demon Bane has once again inspired a sculptor to make a figure of her. Fujii Takashi, a veteran figure creator who has crafted numerous capcom pretty girls such as Chunli and Shiranui Mai, shows that he could craft the cute, tsundere type just as well as he could craft the voluptuous, glamorous ladies. Continue reading

Fujibayashi Kyo Gym Ver. – Clannad 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Fujibayashi Kyo Gym Ver. Kotobukiya
Kyo Fujibayashi, the tough looking class president is showing you a different side of herself. Crouching low and looking up, the girl removed her usual mask and look more vulnerable than ever. The faint blush only makes her even more appealing. Continue reading

Eris – Asobi ni Ikuyo! 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Gutto Kuru PVC Figure Collection La beaute 01

Eris - Asobi ni Ikuyo!
Alien cat girl Elis came from Cathian looking for fun. Open, friendly and with a killer hour-glass figure, this girl needs no time to getting fitted into your display shelf. Look at her ears and her furry tail, not a hair is out of place. Continue reading

Kagamine Rin (Nuclear Fusion) – Vocaloid: Character Vocal Series 02 Rin Kagamine 1/8 PVC Figure

Kagamine Rin (Nuclear Fusion) - Vocaloid
Written by Iroha, Roshin Ukai is one of Kagamine Rin‘s darker and grittier songs. It tells the story of growing up from a child to an adult in a violent world. The unique blend of hard rock and Kagamine charm became one of the vocaloid chart toppers instantly. Continue reading

Figma Aegis – Persona 3 Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (re-run)

Figma Aegis - Persona 3
Aegis the android is one of P3 fans’ dream girls. With a pretty face and an innocent personality, she did not only become the main heroine in Persona 3 Fes, but also starred in various radio dramas. Continue reading

Portgas D Ace – One Piece S.H. Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Portgas D Ace
Pit the rubber against the flames. Ace is at his peak of popularity now, here is another figure devoted to the best older brother in the universe. Put him into all sorts of battle poses and heap accessories on him, his package comes with his amulet and hat. Also put the fire effect pieces around his arm when you throw his flame punch. Continue reading

Hiiragi Kagami (Beach Queens Version) – Lucky Star 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Kagami, the resident tsundere forgot to put on her cool mask under the sun. With a swimming ring on her arm, she’s ready to venture into the waters. The package comes with two head pieces, you can display her with twin tails or with two hair buns. For a sweet friendly scene, you can put her into Konata’s open arms. Continue reading

Monkey D Luffy – One Piece S.H. Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Monkey D Luffy
Luffy is one of the most elastic characters, he could stretch from drop dead funny to extreme cool. And this figure, released by Bandai, demonstrates this unique quality of the straw hat captains. Besides the usual battle poses, you can recreate his gumi hook punch and jet pistols, just change his arm parts. Continue reading

Mato Sakura – Fate/hollow ataraxia Beach Queens 1/10 Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Matou Sakura, one of the most tragic heroines in the Fate series, too can’t remain dark or sad in the brightest of seasons. Created by Okumura Yukio, Sakura stands before you in her pink bikini, and her brightest smile. See the smile in different angles, make use of the H shaped joint on her neck to tilt her head from side to side. Continue reading

Izumi Konata (Beach Queens Version) – Lucky Star 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Enjoy the last rays of sunlight, come to the beach with the Lucky Star girls and play volleyball. Sculpted by Chizuru, this figure of Konata captures two sides of her personality; the gentler side and the playful mischievous side. You can remove her ball and replace it with something else for comical effect. Continue reading

Akiyama Mio PV Costume Ver. – K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.2

Mio and Mugi, the long haired combo are now dressed and are ready to act out their Banpresto PV. While Ritsu and Yui goes for the energetic and boyish cute, these two girls goes for the more retro, girlish look. Continue reading

Kotobuki Tsumugi PV Costume Ver. – K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.2

Mugi wears a soft, but colourful long T-shirt. She is the middle between Mio and Ritsu – energetic, but still girlishly cute. The beret and the star shaped hair tie makes her seem slightly mischievous and the shorts show off her Continue reading