Sale: Best Black Friday Deals on Figures – up to 78% OFF

1 Attack on Titan : Levi

78%OFF – 22$

2 Border Break – BB Girls Collection (4pcs)

55%OFF – 97$

3 To Heart 2: Sasara Kusugawa -Animal Costume Black Cat Ver.-

52%OFF – 43$

4 Attack on Titan : Mikasa Ackerman Ques Q Ver.

48%OFF – 59$

5 Super Pochaco Beer Girl Ver.

40%OFF – 75$

6 Kuroko’s Basketball Figure Series : Aomine Daiki

37%OFF – 49$

7 Rage of Bahamut : Cerberus

32%OFF – 79$

8 Heaven’s Lost Property Final Eternal My Master : Icarus

31%OFF – 75$

Ikaros – Sora no Otoshimono Final – 1/6 Pre-Painted Figure

A lovely figure of Ikaros Continue reading

Nymph with Ikaros & Astraea – Sora no Otoshimono The Movie 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

To celebrate the production of the third Continue reading

Bargain Sunday Part 4 – Get great figures at half a price or less

Our Sunday is full of hot bargains again. Continue reading

Ikaros – Nendoroid Sora no Otoshimono Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Ikaros - Nendoroid Sora no Otoshimono
Sora no Otoshimono means The Things that fell from the sky. Come catch the angeloid IKaros. Continue reading

Nymph – Sora no Otoshimono Forte Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Angelic and sleepy eyed, Nymph is an Angeloid waiting to crash into your collection shelf. One of the most remarkable aspects of the figure is the bubble-colored wings which looks plump but ethereal. Nymph has lost them once during her fight with the harpies, so be sure to take time to admire them when they’re still here. Continue reading