Event: MegaHobby Expo 2016 Spring – Figure Exhibition Photo Coverage

Latest MegaHobby EXPO took place last weekend. Since it is a joint venture between Continue reading

Event: MegaHobby Expo 2015 Autumn – Figure Exhibition Photo Coverage

Latest Mega Hobby Expo, a joined effort between MegaHouse, Alter, Hobby Japan and Revolve, took place today in Akiba Square. All they had on display after the break (picture heavy) Continue reading

Event: Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Part 2

Wonfes Summer photo coverage part two after the break Continue reading

Tsutarja – Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll (Large Ver.)

Tsutarja - Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll
Tsutarja is one of the first pokemon you can partner up with. True to his skin color, this is a grass type that fights well against water and land pokemon in general. If your pokemon ranger journey involves your going after these pokemon, Tsutaria is the best one you could pair up with. Continue reading

Tsutarja, Zekrom, Munna and Pokabu – Pokemon Black and White Outstanding Plushies

Tsutarja, Zekrom, Munna and Pokabu - Pokemon Black and White
With the release of the new Pokemon game come inevitable flood of diverse merchandise. If you’re an avid Pokemon fan and your collection needs Continue reading

Zekrom and Reshiram – Pokemon Black & White Plush Doll

Pokemon Black and White are coming next week. Expect nights of holding onto your console and thinking of ways to get your dream Pokemon. The longer you spend with them, the harder it is to leave him/her in the game world, so here, Reshiram and Zekrom will lead a small troop to your home, so that you can be surrounded by them even when you have to turn your console off. Continue reading