Chopper Valentine 2012 Ver. – One Piece – Premium Season Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure

Chopper Valentine 2012 Ver. - One Piece - Premium Season
Chopper is doing it for you. Continue reading

Luffy and Choper – One Piece Eternal Calendar Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures

Luffy and Choper - One Piece Eternal Calendar
Count your days in a fun way. Luffy and Chopper are here to bring toys and utility together. These calendars never get dated so you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out all those papers anymore. You just have to turn the sides of the dices when you want to show the date and press them into the crevices on the base to prevent them from falling off. Continue reading

One Piece – Memories of Merry Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures Vol. 2

One Piece - Memories of Merry
The pirates will always remember their first ever ship: Going Merry. Here, line up the Straw Hats and have them reminiscent on the good times they had on Merry. Every one looks serious and somber, including Luffy. As the captain of the crew, Luffy puts on his best jacket as he lead the procession. Continue reading

Kame Sen-nin and Chopper Santa Claus Ver.- Dragon Ball Kai x One Piece DX Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Roshi and Chopper Christmas One Piece Dragon Ball
With Kame-sennin as your Santa-Claus, you might get some very sexy and spicy presents for Christmas. Being a good boy or a good girl just took up a new meaning. The lecherous old man has the beard and the figure to play Santa, but beware of the stuff in his sack. If you need a sled and an innocent reindeer, put him together with Chopper.
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One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure Halloween Special

One Piece Halloween Special
What better way to spend Halloween than with the ghouls of Thriller Bark. The One Piece World Halloween Special shines the spotlight on the lesser appreciated of Gecko Moria’s crew. All of them are horrifying, in varying degrees, and you know you wouldn’t have the whole One Piece World in your grasp without them. Continue reading

Tony Chopper (Strong Edition) – Excellent Model One Piece Neo DX Portraits of Pirates 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure

Tony Chopper

Chopper gets a new suit and a mini size bazooka. Who said little doctors hide in the clinic when battles break out? Dressed in black with a very stylish shirt and tie and a belt made of rings, he looks every bit as dangerous as the others. Put the weapon in his hand and put him beside Franky. Continue reading

One Piece Chopper Robo Pre-Painted Candy Toy

Chopper Tony Robo
Build your Chopper Robot by collecting all the pieces in this candy toy volume. The robot is made of six parts and each of them is an individual vehicle, and what’s more, mini One Piece pirates are Continue reading