Gon Freecss – Figma Hunter x Hunter Pre-Painted Action Figure

Gon is leading everyone to the world of Hunter x Hunter. The little action hero shows his moves in the Figma studios. With flexible joints installed in his limbs, he can perform all the high kicks, the jumps and the crazy moves in the anime.

The package comes with his friendly smile and his battle cry expression. He comes with his back pack and collectors can slip his fishing rod into the loops attached to it. When he needs to fight someone from far away, put the fishing rod into his hands, and when he has to test his nenryoku powers, place the glass of water before him.

Gon is good with a lot of things, but he is the best with the rock, paper, scissors game, put the different hand parts on him so he can play.

Gon is coming in June

[Order at: Play-Asia | Plamoya]

More photos>>

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