Kirito – Nendoroid Sword Art Online Pre-Painted Figure

Just for the sake of Nendoroid collectors, Kirito leaves the game world for the Goodsmile Studios so that the figure makers can create a sculpt. The battles that Kirito is going to fight are turning red hot. His package comes with his weapons and a bottle of elixir, with these, he can reach the highest of levels.

Let him use his unique sword skills with his double swords Elucidator and Dark Repulser. When the battles become dangerous, change his face part from the smile to the one with the gritted teeth. Death is frequent in the world of Sword Art Online, and there are times when even the best gamer of them becomes hopeless. The pack comes with a face part where the light in Kirito’s eyes go out. Use this face part when you want to re-create the dark scenes.

[Order at: Play-Asia| Plamoya]

More photos>>

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