Natsu Dragnir & Gajil Redfox – Fairy Tail Tsume Pre-Painted Figures

All I have to say is FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I set my eyes on Natsu’s figurine last year. It’s really funny when there are times one is not much interested in the source material but is havily attracted to the characters. Have you experienced that with anything? I did, many times. Fairy Tail is one of those examples. I tried a few times to watch it and even read it but to no avail. Maybe I’ve grown to be old and boring. That would explain why shonen titles are not appealing to me anymore.

Putting that aside, I want to share with you my joy of, maybe the ultimate but currently the only one, Natsu figure being available in preorders alongside with his ex-enemy Gajilu. Both figures look fantastic, dynamic poses, vivid colours and really nice face sculpts. I’m sure they’re gonna be very popular with the fans.

They are both limited to 3000 pieces each, I believe. Moreover, only 100 are available through Tsume’s website. Both of them cost around 80 euro. I wish all of us that these figurines look as good in their retail version as they do on the prototypes.

[Order at: Tsume]

More photos>>


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  1. AMEN! I can’t wait to actually own one!

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