Bargain Sunday Part 2 – Get great figures at half a price or less

We’re back with a 2nd wave of good deals on figures. If you’ve missed our part 1, be sure to do your homework and take a look. As usual, be reminded that these deals are not permanent. Go grab what you need until the stock lasts 🙂

1. One Piece X Panson Works Full Face Junior Vol.6 12 pieces
1500Y (68%Off) 19$

2. Tiger & Bunny chibi-arts Blue Rose

1570Y (55%Off) 18,95$

3. Black * Rock Shooter: The Game [White Premium Box] Limited Edition

4800Y (55%Off) 59$

4. To LOVEru – Konjiki no Yami Nendoroid Golden Darkness

1900Y (45%Off) 23$

5. Saint Seiya: Sagittarius Seiya SAINT CLOTH CROWN Action Figure

11,000Y (45%Off) 134$

6. SIF EX ToHeart2 adplus Kosaka Tamaki PVC Figure

5100Y (45%) 62$

7. Final Fantasy VIi Tifa Lockhart Play Arts Action Figure

2,200Y (45%Off) 26$

8. One Piece: Coby & Helmeppo Figuarts Zero Figures

2000Y (44%Off) 25$

9. Figuarts Zero Uzumaki Naruto

1500Y (40%Off) 18$

10. To Aru Majutsu no Index: Petanko Shriai Kuroko PVC Figure

1500Y (42%Off) 18$

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