High Priestess Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Rorona Pre-Painted Figure

Take Rorona’s hand and enter the world of alchemy. She has inherited her family’s workshop and is on a constant journey to make it prosper. Now she decides to promote it herself with the help of the figure makers Kibayashi Norio, Pinpoint and the painter Tc.

Every detail, every delicate accessory Rorona has worn in the game can be found on the figure. The careful workmanship brings out the texture of the frills, the leather straps and the brilliance of the gem stones. True to the artwork of the character designer Kishida Meru, Rorona spots a gentle, open smile that heals fatigue.

Rorona’s new journey starts in June

[Order at: Play-Asia | Plamoya]

More photos>>


2 Responses

  1. An insightful post right there mate ! Thanks for posting !

  2. Not actually “inherited her family’s workshop”, but was gifted the workshop from her master Astrid as a sort of a tax dodge. Still, it’s a lovely figure.

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