Caster – Fate/Extra 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Caster - Fate/Extra
Become Caster’s master, this little fox will follow you to the end of the world. The fox ears and tail perked up while she held her right hand up in the shape of a fox’s head. Cast her shadow on the wall, she is very ready to play shadow theater. She is a mixture of feather lightness and heaviness, although her high clogs and the mirror pulled her down, she is determined to skip.

The altered kimono reveals the slender lines of her shoulder and her legs. The flaps of her large obi flutter about her like the wings of a golden lined black butterfly. The bow on her head is made of clear blue material, shine a light on her to enjoy this ripple of blue.

You can order her here

More photos>>


One Response

  1. Unfortunately don’t have any money to order her now, although I really like this figure. She’s adorable, and I love how she makes a fox character with her hand! ^^

    I hope I can purchase her in the future~

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