Kozuki Karen and C.C. – Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion SQ Pre-Painted PVC Figures

Kozuki Kallen and C.C. - Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion SQ
C.C bestows her coolness to the prize collection this summer. The golden eyes are exceptionally alluring under her long green tresses. Her beach ball follows her palette, put her iciness beside Kallen’s hotness, they are meant to be displayed as a pair.

Lean them against each other and link their arms together for an heady scene in the tropical paradise of your display shelf. The two are closer than depicted in the anime, they host radio dramas together, jab at each other playfully and discuss what they think about the boys when they are out of earshot

Forget about battles and the rebellion. When girls need fun, they will have fun. Transform your display case into a tropical paradise by taking Kallen home. Here, she flaunts it all, the frilly swimsuit and wrap around skirt show off the firmness of her body and the full length of her long legs. The dotted floating ring is a playful touch.

[Order at: Play-Asia | Plamoya]

More photos>>


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