Portgas D. Ace Watch – One Piece Premium Collection

Portgas D. Ace Watch - One Piece Premium Collection Hiken No Ace Memorial
Take Ace’s flames with you. To commend the bravery of Ace and pay respect to his spirit, strap his memorial watch to your wrist. This very special watch is limited to 9999 pieces world wide.

The watch is made with stainless steel, a tribute to the toughness of the character. The red surface resembles the color of his flames and the four symbols on the watch represent the four most important people in his life. One hand of the clock is sculpted into a flame arrow, with each tick, the wearer will feel closer to Ace.

Ace’s watch comes this June

You can order it here

More photos>>


One Response

  1. You wouldn’t happen to know the meaning of the symbols on the watch would you? I know 2 but the others i’m unsure of


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