Luffy – Dragon Ball X One Piece Kai DX Pre-Painted Figure

Monkey D. Luffy - DragonBall X One Piece Kai DX Banpresto
Dragon Ball and One Piece heroes are exchanging toys. Goku is generous enough to share the Dragon Ball with Luffy while Luffy returned the favour by giving him a devil’s fruit. Standing upright, the two figures are showing off the power of these key items and dare you to take it from their hands.

Although quite unassuming, Goku knew that something big would happen if he bites the dark purple melon in his hand. Luffy on the other hand feels the power of the Dragon Ball, the wind the blew threw his vest and ruffles his hair are all part of the condensed energy within the little sphere.

[Order at: Play-Asia | Plamoya]

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2 Responses

  1. I like the Luffy figure with the dragonball, but something just doesn’t impress me about Goku…

  2. aw i thought dragon ball x was a porno dragon ball 😥

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