Blancneige Swimsuit Ver. – Shining Wind 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Blanc Neige Swim Wear Ver. - Shining Wind
The summer heat melts the ice. Even the ice master Blancneige needs to shed her heavy cape and uniform for something cooler. Smiling, and flicking her hair from her shoulder, the ice maiden enjoys showing off her perfect lines.

Tony Taka did an illustration for every one of his Shining girls for his collaboration with Hobby Japan, and this newest one is painted with a cold palette that fits perfectly with summer sunsets and starry skies.

Matsumoto, who sculpted goddess of the forest Elwin created Blanc Neige. He paints the vivid color of her eyes and drew out the confidence in her smile. The chiffon of her wrap around skirt and the embroidery at the edges gives the figure an exotic flavor. Shine a light on the dusky material to see it glow.

Blancneige models this season’s most elegant swim wear, her show starts this July

You can order her here

More photos>>

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