Himura Kenshin – GEM Series Rurouni Kenshin 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Himura Kenshin - GEM Series Rurouni Kenshin Romance of the Meiji Swordsman Blue Limited Edition
Battousai Himura Kenshin swaps his samurai weapon for the flipped side sword so he would no longer kill anyone in a fight. The swordsman is an icon in the manga history, to celebrate his revival in the game world and that everything Meiji is coming back in vogue, Mega House brings him into their GEM series so fans can line him up on their display shelves with all the other manga heroes.

With his sleeves billowing about him and his sword at the ready, Kenshin is the very picture of Samurai splendor. The package comes with his stern and cold blooded battousai face piece, the ponytail he wore when he was younger and the short cut he wears after he married Kaoru. Recreate the stages of his life in your own display case.

The atmosphere around Kenshin changes when he puts on different clothes. Both of them come in June

You can order both limited and standard edition here

More photos>>


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