Hiiragi Tsukasa and Takara Miyuki – Lucky Star Non Scale Extra Cosplay Pre-Painted PVC Figures

Hiiragi Tsukasa and Takara Miyuki - Lucky Star
More cosplay fun from the otaku girls in Lucky Star. This time, Tsukasa and Miyuki go traditional. There costumes are not from a particular anime, but from traditional media such as the fairy god mother and the bunny girl. What Tsukasa wears is something very simple, but the star wand and the black cape make everything magical.

The figure developers won’t let a character’s potentials go to waste. Miyuki is the most voluptuous of the three and the most soft spoken, the gap between her appearance and her personality makes people’s hearts melt. Couple that with the bunny girl suit and the shy smile, people will go more than melt.

High quality but very friendly priced, these figures are perfect for collector at any stage

You can order them here

More photos>>

2 Responses

  1. Sorry to be abit picky, but I believe the costumes, while could be passed off as traditional media, is instead a direct reference to the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Mikuru and Nagato’s bunny and witch outfit respectively. Tsukasa even has the school uniform from Haruhi.

    Just wondering, does anyone know if there are other planned releases for this set?

  2. They look great! – I hope they have Konata as Haruhi…I am guessing in Director’s garb!…as for Kagami…I have no idea if they are going with the Asahina movie theme.

    Maybe they could do a Disappearance theme with Konata in Haruhi Kyouyen academy garb and Kagami in Ryouko Asakura clothing???

    They definitely need to complete this set!

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