Saber Lily (Gift Ver.) – Fate/unlimited codes 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Saber Lily (Gift Ver.) - Fate unlimited codes
Saber Lily completes Toda Satoshi’s trilogy of Saber knights. The statue maximizes the feminine quality of the warrior. The triumphant smile is confident, but gentle. The fluttering ribbons, chiffon and silks look soft to the touch.

The sculptor added his own designs to the Lily costume. He mixed a tint of pink to the palette and painted a pearly sheen over the bell sleeves, the bodice and the over skirt. The flare of the dress shows off the transparent quality of the underskirt and the accessories that hung off it.

The dark silver and dulled gold complements the carving on the armor, giving it a classy, antique look. Saber is at her most beautiful here, put her in your display case to complete your collection.

Lilies bloom in June, take Saber home this summer

You can order her here

More photos>>


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