Aisaka Taiga – Toradora! Non Scale Pre-Painted Gutto Kuru PVC Figure

Aisaka Taiga - Toradora! Gutto Kuru
Toradora is one of the most popular romantic comedies and Aisaka Taiga, or Palmtop Tiger, is one of the most representative of the Tsundere type heroines.

The large eyes, the tiny size and the fluffy hair makes her doll-like, but looks could be deceiving, Toradora wastes no time in letting us find out the true nature of this little tiger.

The Gutto Kuru series is both a loyal 3D re-creation of the unlikely romantic heroine and a fabulous action figure. Swap the expression pieces around and twist her limbs into a variety of poses. Her package comes with her wooden sword, her tiger, her chopsticks, the crystal star, the hair clip and a pouch.

Use them to bring the funny and touching scenes to your home. Aisaka Taiga and Palmtop Tiger will return to you in February 2011.

You can order her here

More photos>>


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  1. loved the show, pity it had end, really like the toradora gals esp dressed in Christmas costumes

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